Samsung Galaxy Y Pro DUOS Review Specs Price in India

Finally Samsung has launched their entry level Dual Sim Qwerty Android Smartphone called Galaxy Y Pro Duos. The phone comes under Galaxy Y series which is especially meant for young professionals to use two different Sims at the same time. However other manufacturers already launched their cheap dual sim android mobiles in the market and we need to see how long Samsung will give tough competition to others and stay in the market forever. I hope that this phone will get good reviews and impressions from android fans and customers. There are many features that this phone can give you. Here are some to get you started.

It comes with 2.6inch TFT capacitive LCD touch screen display (256k colors) with resolution of 400 x 240 pixels (179 ppi pixel density). Due to low 256k colors the fonts will look little blur while you reading the text information. It has little Optical trackpad which helps you to navigate easily into the gallery photos, videos and music folders without any touch on the screen. With the help of QWERTY keypad users can type the messages very fast with two hands. The handset will easily fit in the palm and gives more comfort while holding and answering the phone calls. 


The candybar phone was well designed with curve edges at both bottom and top. One the backside of the phone the panel was made with some plastic material which you can easily remove the panel without much effort. I think it was the only phone which got 11.9m thickness when compared to other mobiles in the same range. Dimensions are 110.8 x 63.5 x 11.9 mm, because of QWERTY keypad the display size was reduced some extent although it was not a big problem for mobile users. Samsung Galaxy Y Pro Duos weighs only 112.3 grams only, this makes you very anxiety to buy this mobile.

OS and User Experience: 

The phone runs with Latest version of Google Android 2.3 Gingerbread OS. But Samsung has didn’t mentioned any further updates will be available for this device. I know it will makes you little sad but at this budget it has got all the features that will really make you happy. On the other hand Samsung has enhanced their touchwiz interface into next level to make interface very much smooth without any lagging. You can easily add multiple widgets in your home screen with just one single touch.

Processor, Ram, Graphics and Internal Storage:

It comes with single core 832 MHz processor but Samsung didn’t mention what kind of processor is using on this phone. According to user reviews the processor performing multitasking excellent and also runs simultaneous apps without any lags. So you don’t need any worry of processor performance. It has 384MB of RAM doing good job but sometimes the phone becomes slow while all resources are using more ram. 

Another thing we need to know is Graphics processor but this time also Samsung has didn’t mentioned in the official site. Users reporting that it can play small graphical games like angry birds, chess, unblock me and fruit ninja. 

While comes to the internal storage it was loaded with 512MB Rom free space available to install the apps in the phone. It can be expandable up to 32GB via Micro SD card slot.


The primary (rear) camera of Samsung Galaxy Y Pro DUOS is 3.2 mega pixel camera with resolution of 2048x1536 pixels. It has front facing 0.3 mega pixel VGA camera to communicate with friends with the help of video calling services. On the other hand it can also support Skype Application which was easy to video chat with your friends.

While we tested the camera in outside, it can take excellent quality pictures on the morning time and in night time and low light conditions the camera quality was not up to the mark because it doesn’t have flash. The images were too noisy and blur.

It can capable of shoot videos at 24 frames per second with 320x240 pixel resolution. You can manually select video formats options and save the videos in both mp4 and 3gp


The Samsung Galaxy Y Pro Duos has different kinds of connectivity options like Wi-Fi, GPS, 3G, Bluetooth 3.0 with A2DP, micro USB 2.0, HSPDA 7.2 mbps, UMTS, Edge, 3.5mm Audio Jack, Fm radio with RDS and Wi-Fi hotspot. With the help of Wi-Fi hotspot technology you can share internet from your phone to other Wi-Fi enabled phones. Many people though wonder if they actually need these features. The answer is that it depends on the individual. IF you use the web a lot on the phone then it may be a great idea to have the Wi-Fi feature. This is because you will be able to link up to the hot spots around the world. 

GPS is great for the people that travel. This is because you will be able to set the destination that you want to go to and this feature will give you the directions step by step so that you do not get lost. Now even if you do not travel very much it is great to have this feature if you ever need it. 


The native android browser is enough to surf the internet with high speed browsing and downloads. It also supports HTML now you can view the website in full screen mode like Desktop view. And with the help of Adobe Flash support you can play all flash games in online and facebook with city ville, mafia wars and farm ville.

Battery Life

Samsung had increased the battery capacity of the Galaxy Y Pro DUOS phone to stay along enough without charging the phone. The Standard Li-Ion 1350mah battery was doing good job providing excellent battery backup for dual sim network.

Finally Samsung Samsung Galaxy Y Pro Duos Dual Sim Android Phone was released in January 2012 available only on black color in all leading mobile stores with Price tag around $226 in USA and 10,000 Rs in India

Preloaded Apps are YouTube, Google Maps, Calender, Weather widgets etc

Sensors Accelerometer, Proximity, Compass

Summary :
So if you or anyone has been looking into getting a cell phone then you need to look into the Samsung Galaxy Y Pro DUOS. This phone has several different features that you may need. It has GPS and Wi-Fi capabilities as well as two cameras one on the front and one on the back of the phone. You may also enjoy the larger screen that it has so that you can easily see what you are doing. You may want o look on the internet and gather information on this phone so that you can see if it is the right thing for you.

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  14. very bad review

    you should study on specification before reviewing

    you wrote
    "While comes to the internal storage it was loaded with 512MB Rom free space available to install the apps in the phone"

    which is absolutely wrong statement

    which is used to store n flash official or custom F.W
    not for user apps

    and the available user memory in galaxy y pro duos is 160 MB

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